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NU-FORCE® Water Technologies, LLC understands the vital importance of proper hydration. NU-FORCE® revitalizing water units are environmentally friendly solutions used to improve hydration and nutrient absorption for people, plants, and livestock. Our maintenance-free water units increase the bio-photonic life energy within the water, which increases the beneficial effects of proper hydration. NU-FORCE revitalizing water units have yielded positive results with our customers. You will see first hand increased plant bio-mass, improved nutrient content in food crops, increased shelf-life of agricultural produce and cut flowers, decreased seed germination time, improved feed conversion ratios in livestock and a lengthened life span of water valves, pipes, hot water heaters, and humidifiers.


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Just Like water that’s found in nature

Our Water Delivery System Is Your Best Hydration Solution!

Our NU-Force Water technologies line of patented products scientifically revitalizes water just as “the water that’s found in nature.” Just as in nature, the water’s movement over rocks with the twisting and turning causes water to become structured. Every water molecule is restructured or “revitalized,” to transport nutrients quickly for better absorption and cellular hydration by the body. Revitalized water is better absorbed by cells and tissues than unstructured water for proper hydration. Additionally, revitalized water can also bring balance to the body’s health and give wonderful benefits for your sense of well-being.

Additional Benefits

  • Increases your energy levels

  • Increases the absorption of nutrients

  • Promotes healthier skin and hair

  • Improve kidney and liver health

  • Helps with joint health and muscle contractions

  • Better control cholesterol levels and blood pressure

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